Senior Jared Schoeny Releases Drew Hunter Game on App Store

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The Drew Hunter Game features a track and field layout.

Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, The Drew Hunter Game?

Delving into the world of mobile app gaming is a dizzying path shrouded in coding and contracts, but one of our own, Senior Jared Schoeny, has brought the Drew Hunter Game to the virtual market.

After being released September 18, the game spread like wildfire throughout the school, getting hundreds of downloads and many five star reviews within hours of its release. With one of the reviews saying, “Grant Fisher won’t have an app this good”, and another saying “Drew Hunter is a god”, the game has become well known in the running community throughout Virginia. Milestat, a website that tracks stats from all high school runners across the country, has noticed the game.

“Is this real life? There is actually a @drewhunter00 game app… pretty fun too,” Milestat tweeted.

Making the game was no cakewalk though, taking close to 100 hours to code. Schoeny is no novice to the world of app making however,  some of his other apps on the apple appstore include Flabby Duck, a witty parody of Flappy Bird where according to the game description, the player is “help[ing] flabby duck prove to all the other birds out there that having flab can’t stop him”. Another game he created is Size Up, a simple but elegant game where the player must slide two blocks in between moving barriers of an endless world.

“I’m actually working on another game right now, and am planning to release it in the next month or so.” Schoeny said. The title has not been disclosed.

All the competition on the virtual market makes designing games simply for profit difficult, so when Schoeny made the game he had other reasons behind making it,

“I like the feeling that comes from transforming an idea into a reality.” Schoeny said, “The hard work and intense problem solving makes it all the more satisfying,”

The Drew Hunter Game, involves Drew Hunter running on a track, trying to escape his crazed fans, portrayed by fellow runners of the cross country team. On his path, he has to dodge hurdles and pick up water bottles, the game’s form of currency. With the water bottles you can then purchase new tracks and different variations of Drew’s face including a “Zombie Drew” and many others.

“I have a Halloween update coming very soon,” Schoeny said.  “…with more faces and tracks, and also a special new feature.”

The game has been on both android and the apple app store for some time now but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start playing, so download the Drew Hunter Game today!

“The real reward is seeing the fun it brings into people’s lives.” Schoeny said.

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