Boys and Girls Cross Country Finish First and Second in State

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Finishing the race unopposed, Drew Hunter led the team to victory at the cross country state meet in Great Meadows. With the boys coming in first  and the girls in second, the results astounded the coaches. “Friday November 13, 2015 was one of the best days of my life, “ Coach Marc Hunter said, “When I found out the girls were second, I was bouncing up and down like a kid at Christmas!”

After a long summer of training, weightlifting, mobility work, injury prevention and of course, running, the season has finally come to a close for most of the runners, with a few qualifying for the footlocker regional competition. However some of the coach’s teachings go beyond the the end of the season.

“We encouraged the kids to wake up every day with the goal of winning just that day; not only win the day as an athlete, but win the day as a student, win the day as a [family member], win the day as a person,” Hunter said.

Photo Credits to Coach Marc Hunter

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