Behind the Scenes: Three Musketeers

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The effort the drama department put forth in their performance of the Three Musketeers is obvious, however, the work of its off-stage contributors often goes unnoticed.

“I think it’s cool that we get to help tell the story without actually getting on stage,” Junior Patricia Bostock said.

Bostock, the head makeup artist, explained that she starts designing the makeup of each character at the very beginning of the show’s production.

“I come [to the first rehearsal] with starting ideas for their makeup and their hair, and then I have to watch how their character acts and how they are so I can put that into their look,” Bostock said.

Senior Mary Callihan, the head of marketing, also incorporates the character’s demeanor into her work.

“We relied a lot on the cast to bring their own characters in the advertising with the announcements,” Callihan said.

In addition to organizing the announcement in the morning, Callihan lead the social media advertisement, and estimates that the marketing team has put up around 90 posters in the local area outside of school. She also sent 1,000 flyers to the local Papa John’s at the beginning of the show’s premier week for them to attach to every box of pizza they sold.

While not exactly behind the scenes, the ensemble members, who fulfill the same role as extras in movies, also often go unnoticed.

Sophomore Onna Thomas, an ensemble member who played a cardinal guard, a bar wench and a partygoer at the king’s ball, explained why she prefers playing background characters.

“It’s a lot of fun not having to have a responsibility of memorizing a ton of lines or a ton of blocking, just being able to fill in the space in the background,” Thomas said.

Sophomore stage manager Hannah Allison is the person directing all the  ‘blocking’, which  is how the actors position themselves on the stage.

“I take all the blocking notes, light notes, set changes and then I’m also everybody’s understudy,” Allison said.

And now set changes are smoother than ever, thanks to the 16-foot-wide turn table on center stage made by master carpenter Anthony Lacaria and the other technical theater students.

Despite spending over 100 hours building the set, Lacaria ascribes the credit to the department as a whole. This sense of closeness Lacaria feels within the drama department is felt by all of its members.

“We’re all just like a big giant crazy insane family,” Allison said.

With the friendship and drive shared by the department, it can truly be said that they live by the Three Musketeers’ motto: all for one and one for all.


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