Captain America: Civil War Review

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Official Marvel Poster
Official Marvel Poster

Captain America: Civil War has set the bar incredibly high for this year’s summer blockbusters, becoming the largest grossing film of 2016 just under two weeks after its release. The Russo brothers (who also directed Captain America: Winter Soldier) gave the Marvel fanbase the dramatic, action-packed movie they were hoping for.

The film kicks off with a mission lead by Captain America in Lagos, Nigeria. Although the mission is technically successful, several civilians die in the fray. When the Avengers return to Stark Tower, U.S. Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt) informs them that they must sign the Sokovia Accords, a newly proposed UN agreement placing them under the control of a UN panel. This splits the team into two camps lead by Steve Rogers (Robert Downey Jr.) and Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr.) , with Stark in favor of the accords, and Rogers strongly against them. The situations advances from a falling-out to an intense feud when Roger rushes to defend his old friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) from the government’s attempts to hunt him down for (supposedly) bombing the conference where signing of the Sokovia Accords was going to take place.

Civil War lives up to all expectations. The perspectives and motivations of heroes on both sides is expertly displayed in a way that shows the moral ambiguity of the situation, but Marvel balances this with the blend of drama, action and pithy remarks that they’re known for. The film featured 12 main heros, including old favorites and two new heroes, the Black Panther and the latest Spider-Man(who both have an after credits scene).The latest Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is delightfully more dorky and light-hearted than his predecessors, and used every minute of his short screen time to the fullest. The Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) also performed amazingly, playing the role of a warrior prince in a way that created an ambience of power and control without stealing the show. However, despite the Russo’s best efforts to give all of the heroes their time in the limelight, Ant Man was left by the wayside.

Overall Civil War is a fantastic culmination of old plotlines from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and beautifully introduces new ones, promising a bright future for more Marvel movies. Well worth  watching at least once.

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