Marching Band Update




As fall and football are upon us, the marching band is in full swing preparing for competitions and football games. Marching band represents the school spirit from a musical angle.

Along with schoolwork and other extra-curricular activities, these students have band practice every day after school, weather permitting. This is not only part of their daily routine, but a part of their life. Along with practicing daily, the marching band does many competitions throughout the year.

The marching band is well known for their performances during the fall at the football games. The students are responsible for knowing their positions, for each performance, as well asknowing the music to play. Rick Reeves, the director of the band, has the students accomplish many things in order to keep up with their independence.

¨They have a written part and they have a written drill… [have to] follow their place on the field…then they have to perform the part that was written for them, ¨ said Reeves.

There are many different parts that hold the band together to keep that independence and responsibility in check. The drum majors are the foundation of the band, and are in charge of being a second pair of eyes for the band director. They also have to be the voice for the band. The two drum majors are, seniors, Alison Savage and Julia Hamilton.

¨It’s a lot of, more social interaction than actual leading. You’re basicallyholding up the entire band. When me and my co-drum major Julia were at camp we were taught that the band is like a pyramid; we’re not at the top we’re at the bottom because we have to hold everyone else up, ¨ said Savage.

The band goes on an invitational trip every other year to Europe. They take a tour of Europe and play with Mr. Reeves and other kids in the summer.

“It’s usually every other summer that he goes and if you’re invited you’ll get a letter in the mail…it’s an amazing experience from what I’ve heard,” said Savage.

The marching band does five to seven competitions during the school year. They take place at schools most of the time so they can use the football fields. Junior, Ashton Bouffard say their biggest competition during the school year is at James Madison University.

“[We perform at] competitions at other schools like Woodgrove, Herndon, and we even have our own showcase. Eventually we’ll go to states to get judged for whole year round, and then we also go to JMU. They host it and we get to see all the big bands. They call it Parade of Champions,” said Bouffard.

Marching band does many things together so there is a lot of opportunity for bonding. Just like any sport they are a team and a family. There are many different sections, but according to Bouffard, who is a member of the drum line, they are all a family. They are there for each other no matter the occasion or situation.

“The people. My best friends are in the drum line. It’s a family. I always say the band is a family and the drum line are like the cousins,” said Bouffard. “We’re a big family.”

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