NBA 2K17 Review

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The NBA 2K franchise has been running strong since 2010 when when it officially became the only remaining basketball video game franchise. After last year’s drop in quality every fan of the franchise was hoping that 2K17 would restore the game to its former glory.

NBA 2K17 came out with more fanfare than any game this year. Social media exploded, and everyone was eager to get their hands on a copy. The social media hype was epitomized by a Snapchat that showed a man making his girlfriend sit in the backseat while his copy of 2K sit shotgun with a seat belt over it. With last year’s shaky-at-best rendition of MyCareer mode, people were hoping this year would pick it back up and put it back on track. Unfortunately, while it is better than 2K16’s, it is still very boring and repetitive. The gameplay is some of the most enjoyable since 2K13 but the cut scenes and backstories make for a very boring setup.

Luckily, every other game mode is firing on all cylinders. MyLeague and MyGM are the best the game has released since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were released. Customization feels almost unlimited, and includes the option to start at the beginning of the offseason and make your favorite team, take your favorite rookie in the draft, or even have your team lose their draft pick all together. Another fun thing is the ability to add up to 30 expansion teams. However, whatever you do don’t play as the expansion team, as you will have a team made of low-rated players.

Probably the best game mode is MyTeam. This game mode allows you to build a team of players from the past and present by opening packs with the game’s currency, VC and MT. This is the second year that MyTeam has been the game’s selling point rather than MyCareer, and with one more solid year MyCareer could become just another inferior game mode. MyTeam was able to take its fan favorite game mode, Gauntlet, and make it into a fun gambling type game at the same time.

Last but certainly not least is Play Now mode. This mode includes Blacktop, a perpetual fan favorite. This mode allows you to pick three players in the game from any team. Visually, this mode has received the most change. It now puts you into a Rucker Park-like setting with cheering fans, blaring car alarms, and an over-the-top announcer. Another neat addition is team shirts that better match the environment.

Overall NBA 2K17 is a pretty solid game. The gameplay has taken steps to become some of the best we have seen in years and most of the game modes have done nothing but improve. While fan favorite mode MyCareer continues to be repetitive and unoriginal, modes like MyCareer and MyLeague make up for this lack of quality in the game’s selling point. NBA 2K17 definitely outperforms last year’s game and is a good buy for all basketball fans.

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