Recycling Rumors

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There’s been a concern among students that the paper and cans put in recycling bins might be ending up in the trash alongside everything else. That does happen. But only because the school’s recycling container isn’t big enough.

“It oughta either be picked up more frequently, or we [should] get a second container to hold the overflow” environmental science teacher Liam McGranahan said.

However, there are still issues with recycling at Valley. Namely, misuse by students.

“We’ve got a lot of students that don’t use the [recycling bin] properly, they throw plastic in with paper.  They throw trash that’s not recyclable at all in with the recycling, ” McGranahan said.

Another issue is the lack of recycling bins in the cafeteria, one of the most significant sources of waste at Valley.

“Think of all the juice cans, all the water bottles,” McGranahan said.

On a lighter note, Valley’s plastic bag recycling program is doing great, and soon a fourth bench made of the bags donated will be put in the courtyard.

Overall, Valley is doing a good job recycling, but we need to constantly strive to do all we can.

“Are we doing all we can to recycle? Because I feel like we’re not, I think we can do a better job,” said McGranahan.

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