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The Lego Batman Movie is the second movie in Lego’s cinematic Universe that starting with 2014’s unexpected hit, The Lego Movie. The Lego  Batman Movie had many things going for it from its amazing voice cast to the fact that people just wanted to see a version of batman who doesn’t take himself seriously. However some wondered whether this movie could bring back the magic to the big screen or if it would fall short of the  high expectations.

Fortunately this movie works extremely well. The laughter starts within the first ten minutes of the film and it doesn’t stop till the film ends which is something that doesn’t happen in a lot of comedies. It was able to do something similar to what Deadpool did by breaking the fourth wall, making fun of itself, making fun of the studio executives, and more but without the vulgarity that Deadpool had. The story revolves around Batman trying to trap the Joker in a seemingly inescapable prison called the Phantom Zone. However Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne accidentally adopts an orphan named Dick Grayson who then becomes everyone’s favorite sidekick, Robin. On Batman and Robin’s way to get the key to the phantom zone, the Phantom Zone Projector, there are some sweet cameos from Justice League members in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. After successfully trapping the Joker in the phantom zone the Joker escapes with an interesting group of villains most of whom have no relation to Batman besides the fact Warner Brothers owns them. This movie is able to balance comedy, reality, and action very well, almost as well as The Lego Movie did.  However probably the best part of this film is all the easter eggs and nods other movies within. Every live action Batman movie is referenced, many famous Batman comics are referenced, and Batman throws a few digs at films like Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, and even Iron Man.

As great as it is, The Lego Batman Movie does have its flaws. The one that will probably concern Warner Bros. the most is that the Lego Batman Movie did just fall short of its expected opening weekend profit of $60M making $55.6M. The only other major complaint is that there were a few times the film reminded you that this was in the same universe as The Lego Movie by showing off Batman’s master builder skills and it just feels a little forced. The viewers of this movie most likely saw Batman in The Lego Movie. They don’t need to be spoon fed the fact that a cinematic universe is being made.

Overall the Lego Batman Movie is pretty great! It is officially the second  highest reviewed Batman movie ever, the only one better being The Dark Knight. This film does a good job of helping to build up the Lego Cinematic Universe even though sometimes it does feel a bit forced. At this point in time the Lego Batman Movie is probably the best movie of 2017 unless you really loved Split or 50 Shades Darker if you saw that(Even though you probably didn’t, because no one did). With all the laughter it causes the viewer and solid action for a bunch of toys running around, awesome easter eggs, and amazing voice acting The Lego batman Movie might already be in the running to get best animated film at next year’s Oscars.

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