Field Hockey Team Welcomes New Coach

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Whether it’s the football games under the lights, or the baseball games as the sun sets, students love attending high school sporting events and Loudoun Valley is no exception.

Loudoun Valley High School is known for its success in sports such as: basketball, cross country and baseball. LVHS field hockey is only a second year sport and it is already turning heads. With a new coach running the team, they look to change the pace of the game, after a slow first season.

Nancy Adams, mother of 2 valley students, accepted the role as the field hockey head coach over the past summer. Adams played field hockey in high school, and was no joke. She also attended James Madison University to continue playing the sport. Now she looks to step into the spotlight with this second year team, and make a positive impact on the player’s performance. Adams said that although she likes winning, it’s not the main goal.

“The focus this year is to develop the program”, Adams said, “obviously we want to win, but we’re more focused on growing the game and developing our players.”

Having a new coach obviously affects players. Starting goalie and junior team captain Vaughn Biesecker has been playing on the Field Hockey team for two years now. After being asked how having a new coach has affected the players, she said that the team conditions much more, focusing on players stamina and speed. Biesecker also spoke about something that the coaches do not organize but the players do, team bonding, stating that the team does activities together almost every weekend.

“Different from last year, we do a lot of team bonding exercises like team runs, team dinners, and team sleepovers.” Vaughn said.

Playing a sport for the first time can always be hard, nerve wracking, and stressful. Emma Mininberg is in that position but is not letting those negative feelings reach her. Emma is a first time field hockey player, she chose to play because a lot of her friends play and recommended the sport to her. She believes that the team focuses more on developing rather than winning, being a fairly new team. When asked about her role, Emma stated that she likes to motivate everyone on the team, and keep all the spirits up.

“Even if you’re not a captain you can still be a leader” Emma said.

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