The Solar Eclipse

  All movement stops as the burning rays of the sun disappears. For the first time in 38 years the United States has experienced a Solar Eclipse. Students of across the country scattered around outside to witness this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Pictures and quotes of or about the eclipse were plastered all over social media.This astronomical event shook America and brought people from across the U.S. outside to their backyard.


“It was kind of just a lot of hype in the media.” said Junior, Natalie Dehart, “So I kind of liked seeing it for fun.”


  Dehart says that she probably would not have watched it if it wasn’t for the excitement across social media. It was the most watched eclipse in U.S. history. Fourteen States were in the path of totality.


“I do remember the day before the eclipse that everyone from all over snapchat and instagram was posting about it so I thought the hype was pretty big.” said, Junior, Clayton Lundberg. He saw the eclipse through a telescope and he went to see the eclipse because he thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.


“I wasn’t expecting to see that much through the telescope, I thought I would just see the sun and the moon blocking it. “ says Lundberg, “But I was to able see all the flares come off the sun  and the moons shadow.”


From Purcellville, you were able to see about 85% of totality. For some people that was just not enough. “(The Sun) was just right in the middle,” Lundberg stated, “And there was this very small sliver of the moon.”


Sophomore, Lorien Kelso and her family drove hours to see the eclipse at totality in Folly Beach, South Carolina. She says the eclipse was not what she expected because it was not even dark at totality. “It was etheral, especially since  eclipses are a major thing in my religion.” Kelso says that she follows Wicca, a religion that makes harmony with nature.


The next eclipse to reach the US is in April of 2024. This eclipse changed the lives of many for those chose to see it.

“It’s a major time of change (eclipses). If you want to change some serious component of your life, an eclipse is the best time to do it,” said Kelso.
Photo Credits: Brady Stipancic

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