More Than a Manager

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Senior at Loudoun Valley, Tim Foster, touches kids hearts everyday, with his kind spirit, outgoing personality, and his hard work.

Tim is a senior at Loudoun Valley, he loves getting involved with all kinds of sports like football and lacrosse. He manages for those sports and has a great time doing it. Tim’s either getting all the players motivated for a game, or he’s cheering players up with his positive attitude. Tim loves managing at Valley and being a part of the teams.

“I like managing football because I get to make new friends and meet new people.” Said Tim.

Derek Goings, senior, is the starting varsity quarterback for Valley’s football team. Derek has known Tim for a long time, going all the way back to elementary school. Derek said that Tim has always been a happy kid and a free spirit. Derek also talked about how Tim always makes the team laugh, no matter kids moods.

“He’s always in the locker room, he goes on the field, full pads, he’s having a great time, so it makes me really happy for him, he just gives positive energy, everybody’s just excited to see him out there.” Derek Said.

Along with managing Tim also helps around the school. Every lunch block Tim takes time working in the cafeteria, doing whatever he’s needed to do in order to make our cafeteria staff’s life easier. One of our cafeteria ladies, Christy, voiced their opinions on Tim, discussing how he helps in the kitchen along with helping make her day get better.

“He’s always really nice, helpful, and my first impression was what a sweet kid he is.” Said Christy.

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