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Running onto the court, crowd roaring with cheers. Going through the pregame warmups. Leading up to one of the many games needed to be played in order to achieve the ultimate goal for any high school sports team. A state championship.

Loudoun Valley finished off the 2016-2017 basketball season with a state championship. The first state championship for this team in years, and also the first for Coach Dawson, the head coach. Although winning it all is great, Dawson put the championship behind him going into the season, focusing on his current team, and bringing another championship to the program.

“We were concerned on how to keep the kids motivated, we knew we had some great returning players. We just tried to get their mind set ready to lead us into the season, and to stay hungry, to try and repeat.” Dawson said.

A positive for the Loudoun Valley Basketball program is the young talent on the team. Trent Dawson, son of coach Dawson, is the starting point guard for the team. Trent may be the youngest player on the team, but his skills do not reflect it. He has helped lead his team to an undefeated season, with only one game left in the regular season. Dawson’s multiple mentors on the team, have given him a huge advantage to grow as a player.

“I’ve been looking up to a lot of these players my whole life but the player I look up to the most is [Dominic Peterson], he always has my back and has this chip on his shoulder that I want,” said Trent Dawson.

Dominic Peterson, a senior team captain, is a role model for his younger teammates. Peterson encourages them to perform at their full potential on and off the court.

“As a team captain, I look out for my boys and keep everyone on track. If kids got questions I answer them, [I] make sure everyone is comfortable on this team.” said Peterson.

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