Senior Kayleigh Lockhart’s friends can tell she is coming down the hallway simply by the soothing scent of peppermint that precedes her. It isn’t a freshly opened pack of gum, nor a new perfume. It’s her trademark: essential oils.
Lockhart isn’t the only one using these oils. She’s part of a trend that is sweeping the organic health world.
People who use essential oils start a whole new lifestyle, one free of medications, store-bought cleaning agents and synthetic beauty products. The efficacy of essential oils depends on the knowledge and drive of the user.
Lockhart uses essential oils to alleviate some of her high school stress. She changed her eating habits at the same time she began utilizing essential oils. She noticed that the oils were most effective when paired with a healthy diet.
“I love oils because they enable my body to function properly, on its own. Medications manipulate your body and cause all sorts of problems—there are literally no side effects with oils,” Lockhart said.
These oils are expensive and a membership to the specific brand, doTERRA, is $25 a month. There are ways to purchase the oils without having a membership, but that route is expensive. Kayleigh and her family share a membership, and don’t find the prices discouraging because the whole family uses them.
“People complain about the cost of organic living and oils, but illness will always be more expensive than the pursuit of good health. The greatest medicine of all is to teach people not to use it; by using oils I am celebrating my body and its purpose to heal and grow,” Lockhart said.
The oils are most beneficial when used consistently, and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Though an all-organic or extremely healthy diet isn’t necessary to reap the benefits of essential oils, it is recommended.
“I keep oils with me 100% of the time no matter where I am,” Lockhart said, “Because I know I’ll always have a use for them.”

This article first appeared in our January issue of our news magazine.

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