Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Garrett Hennessey, Staff Reporter

Leading up to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywaker, the final installment of the trilogy. Set thirty years after the original Star Wars movies sprouts a new adventure. A young girl named Rey figures out that she is strong in the force. This leads the gateway to Rey teaming up with original characters like Han Solo and Chewbacca to defeat the evil warrior Kylo Ren and The First Order. The First Order is a new power hungry threat trying to conquer the galaxy. The fate of the galaxy is now in Rey’s hands.


The movie introduced new characters and planets to give a bold look to the new addition to the world of Star Wars. The blend between the new characters and older characters was different. At times it felt as if Rey did not have a purpose in the film due to her being a nobody, but maybe that was planned to develop Rey. It seemed that there were a lot of recycled ideas such as the Resistance and The First Order being copies of their predecessors The Rebel Alliance and The Empire. The movie would have been more engaging if there were different concepts in terms of how the factions were designed.


The Villains Captain Phasma and General Hux were introduced and marketed as if they were going to be unique and intimidating villains. Hux gave out an impressive speech while Phasma did absolutely nothing except get tricked by our main group of heroes. Then there is Kylo Ren. Kylo was shown to be a gruesome and ruthless villain, which he was, yet there was still some light left in him. This peaked my interest to see that he is a more complex character than I once thought. 


Overall this movie did a great job setting up the new era of the Star Wars universe. Some aspects were underwhelming but since there were 2 more movies to follow it, it did not seem to be a big deal. Rey has the potential to become a great hero while Kylo has a unique villain/hero complex.