Nichols coffee review

Nichol’s hardware, a very well known hardware store in old town Purcellville having been around since 1914, is finally expanding into something new. That something new being a coffee shop. The shop itself is called Nichol’s Coffee. At Nichol’s Coffee, they offer iced and hot coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and slices of cake and cupcakes from Sweetz bakery. From the few times that I’ve been to Nichol’s coffee, nothing has disappointed me so far. What I’ve had from Nichol’s is their breakfast sandwiches. They also provide a gluten free option, and for someone with a gluten allergy, it’s really convenient that they offer that option for their customers. The atmosphere of Nichol’s is very homey and comfortable to relax in and drink some delicious coffee for a reasonable price. As a high school teenager with a slight coffee habit, I would highly recommend stopping by when you’re in the area and in the mood for some coffee.