5 Minutes with Jack Holohan


Nolan Riccobene

In the middle, Holohan stands next to Jack Thornton (on the left) and Tate Michon (on the right) post golf match in South Riding,VA.

Mercy Soly, Media & Features Editor

Junior, Jack Holohan, spends a majority of his free time practicing golf, a hobby he engages in weekly.

“I try to put as much time as I can into my golf game,” Holohan said. “On a school week, when the weather’s nice, it can be 15-20, or maybe even 35 hours.”

Holohan mentioned that if the weather permits in addition to the absence of school, those hours of practice can easily be doubled.

“I try to make the best of what I get and I try to set my goal of at least 15 hours because I want to get better and without that kind of practice, I just won’t,” Holohan said.

Influenced by his dad, Holohan began playing golf at the age of 7.

“My dad really started getting into it at the time and he wanted me to try,” Holohan said. “At the time I wasn’t very good at it, so I didn’t pick it up as well as he wanted me to.”

Later, around 8th grade, Holohan found a new appreciation for the sport.

“I really started to get back into it and like it and it was one of my goals to be on the Loudoun Valley Golf Team,” Holohan said. “I put all my effort and all my work into achieving that goal, and somewhere along the way, I really seemed to connect with it.”

Along with the Loudoun Valley team, Holohan participates in an all time tier.

“I also practice in the winter and play the most in the summer.”

Despite enjoying the game itself, one thing Holohan finds to be frustrating is the lack of visible progression that can happen.

“You can spend hours upon hours trying to fix something, but you can end up making it worse just as quickly,” Holohan said.

Frustration is an easy emotion to feel, but Holohan says it encourages him.

“It’s one of the things that pushes you because every time you have a good shot, or you do something right, or you feel something clicked, it just brings you back,” Holohan said. “I’m not the best by any means, but it truly is a game that just grabs you every time you do something right.”