Favorite fall reads

Sarah Kelly, Editor & Teaching Assistant

Fall has finally arrived here at Valley. With the leaves and the weather outside changing, so are the books on our shelves. 

Various book recommendations, both beloved favorites and new releases, have been collected from Valley’s teachers for those looking for something refreshing to read. 

“I love to read mysteries, like the ‘Truly Devious’ series,” Literacy Specialist Penny Hagerty said. “I also really like Tiffany Jackson’s new books that have a horror theme.”

The atmosphere that fall weather creates is what Hagerty said makes her love to read mysteries. 

Some of her favorite fall reads include “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” and “Hold Me Closer”, from the “Necromancer” series. 

“Truly Devious” and “Hold Me Closer” can both be found in Valley’s library, and you can buy “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” from bookshop.org, a website that allows you to buy from small bookstores near you.

Eileen Lowry, an English teacher for freshmen and sophomores, also agreed that mystery books were ideal fall reads. 

“They are perfect for October, with cobwebs and spooky creatures abound,” Lowry said. 

One of her fall favorites is “The Final Gambit”, the third book in the “Inheritance Games” trilogy. Lowry also just finished reading “Me (Moth)” by Amber McBride, who is a graduate of the Loudoun County school system.

 “‘A Discovery of Witches’ Chapter One, begins on Sept. 18 in the Bodleian Library of Oxford University,” Library Assistant Valerie Kettner said. 

She explained that the book, written by Deborah Harness, is set from that date until Halloween, which is why it is one of her favorites to read during that season. 

Kettner also mentioned the rest of the series, “Shadow of Night” and “The Book of Life”, as some of her favorites, too. 


Alongside those titles, Valley’s English department also recommended titles from the likes of Ray Bradbury, Courtney Summers and Washington Irving.


Spooky season, it puts me on edge. ”

— Heather Olis, English teacher

In addition to loved favorites, fall also offers the perfect time for new books to be introduced to your shelves. Here are some new releases recommended from our staff to check out.