The Viking

Afia Paracha
Hi, I’m Afia Paracha!


About Me: 

I’m a sophomore here at Valley. I’m a reporter for the Viking News. Some of my interests are writing and web design, and I hope I can use them to help the staff this year. I also really like math and science, along with art, which is basically what I do in my free time.


Things you should know:
I’m only at Valley on A-days, so if you need to meet with me, A-Days work much better. I was actually supposed to be in a class, but it didn’t fit in my schedule, so I have Newspaper as an embedded class. I took Intro to Journalism last year, and did a lot of writing and web designs during the year.

Random facts:
I read a lot, I draw a lot, and spend 50% of my time doing work for AOS, which is sometimes the most annoying thing in the world.

Afia Paracha, Staff Reporter

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