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Photo by Anna Habib

Don’t procrastinate: Anna Habib

“I don’t remember feeling anxious,” Anna Habib, ‘22, said. “I mainly pushed it to my senior year.” 

COVID-19 hit during Habib’s junior year, which made preparation for senior year difficult. It was not a surprise that she didn’t truly begin working on her college applications until her senior year.

“I still don’t believe that I am old enough to be applying to colleges,” Habib said. 

She’d taken her first tour during sophomore grade, and continued taking other tours the summer before her senior year. 

To balance her applications, Habib continued on with her life as usual. 

“I didn’t limit anything, except maybe spending time with my friends,” she said. “I have to focus on now and the future equally.” 

During the process of applying, Habib had to remind herself that her work did not have to be perfect. 

“Most of the applications aren’t hard, just a lot of work,” Habib said. 

Including her time spent taking the PSATs and SATs, Habib spent around 20 hours on her entire college application process. She reminded rising seniors not to push it off until the end, and to work on it in small parts. 

“My advice is to make a lot of early decisions because it is the best choice,” Habib said. “Relax, it will all be okay in the end. Start early and take your time. Ask for help.” 

Habib is currently attending Longwood University, where she applied early action, taking her own advice.

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