Adventure Time Series Review

Logan Stup, Staff Reporter

Adventure Time is a comedy fantasy cartoon show that first aired on April, 5th 2013 on Cartoon Network. The show has amassed an almost cult-like fanbase that only grew after the impeccable grand finale. The show finally came to the grand conclusion on September, 17th 2017. The lasting appeal of this timeless show was cemented with the release of character-themed box sets sold on Amazon.

Adventure Time did so well as a show for many reasons, the reason that stands out the most to me was way the writers developed the characters. All the character started off as juvenile happy go lucky kids and ended as conscious and self-aware young adults.

The character development also speaks to the progression of the fan base age. If you were a diehard fan like myself, you started watching the show as a 12-year-old and you finished watching as a 16-year-old. The writers wanted to keep the same fan base and appeal to the worldview of the age group appropriately, and they succeeded.

Another thing aspect of this show that stands out is the character designs. The protagonist, Finn, is the classic hero and sticks out like a sore thumb considering he’s one of the only humans in the whole show. The second protagonist, Jake, is a dog with special stretchy powers who is always good for getting out of a sticky situation.

Jake balances out Finn’s hero complex well by being the lazy, gruff, realist who knows way more about the complexities of life than he lets on. Jake is played by cartoon legend John DiMaggio. DiMaggio has been in Futurama, two Batman animated series, and Zootopia.

Adventure Time is a great light-hearted show that features great environments, characters, and character development. The appeal is universal if you are a younger viewer the newer seasons are perfect and as an older view, the later seasons are great.