Why the Fallout Series is the Best Video Game Series on Console

Riley Green, Staff Reporter

The Fallout video game series originated in 1997 when the original Fallout took to PCs.

Bethesda followed that with Fallout 2, and then in 2008, they came out with their first console game, Fallout 3. I was with a friend watching him play and it looked to be something that intrigued me. I chose to get my own copy of the game and after about 100 playthroughs, the next installment of the series came to stores; Fallout New Vegas. I was thrilled to use the new characters, fight the new enemies, and progress through the new story. After 5 years of no new games, Fallout fans were starting to think that the series might be done. That’s when Bethesda gave their fans the best possible gift, Fallout 4. Fans were ecstatic that Bethesda added onto the fantastic series.


The Fallout games take place in the 2200s in a post-nuclear war wasteland. Each game has a different main storyline that takes over 20+ hours to beat. On top of that, the games have side missions that don’t correlate with the story but give the player more to do. One of the traits that put this game above others is the diversity of creatures, weapons, and things to do in general. The games take place in real areas, for instance; Fallout 3 takes place in Washington D.C, Fallout New Vegas takes place in Vegas, and Fallout 4 takes place in Boston. You can visit famous attractions like the Washington Monument, Fenway Park, and the Hoover Dam.


The biggest reason this series is the best out there is the freedom players have. Players can choose when to progress in the story. They can choose if they want to be a good or bad person. Players can also choose how they dress, who they’re companions are, and what they do in general. If players want to visit historic monuments they’re able to. That along with the beautiful graphics, dialogue, and storyline; is why the Fallout series is the best video game series for consoles.