5 Things to Think About This Week


Bailey Kuhn, Staff Reporter

  1. The sun is shining Monday-Thursday these final days before spring break and YOU need to take advantage of it. Think about how much vitamin D you’ve gotten these past few months and consider taking a trip to Bears Den, Ravens Rock, or even Harpers Ferry. Remember to apply sunscreen as the temperatures are predicted to rise up to 78ºF!
  2. As the final quarter of the 2018-2019 school year is in the works, remember to not let your summer mentality take over just yet. 59 days till schools out! Keep working hard and don’t let these final days get the best of you!
  3. Prom is April 26th (18 days away) so remember to get your tickets in room 201 and have your prom attire all ready before the big day! The theme is rosewood and it’s located at Shadow Creek Weddings & Events.
  4. Say “au revoir” to the foreign exchange students as they depart from Purcellville and head to New York before their long trip home. Consider hosting a student of your own next year! How often are you going to get the opportunity to house a teenager from Lebanon and learn about their culture first hand?!
  5. As spring break approaches, maybe you’re going somewhere, maybe you aren’t. Regardless, remember to relax and enjoy your week off from school. If you aren’t going anywhere consider places such as Top Golf, iFly, or go catch a few movies with some friends at Cobb. Get all the fun you need before you have to come back to school and grind these last few weeks. Enjoy this sweet sample of summer!