Capstone Recap

Marisa Del Borrello, News Staff

For the last couple weeks, many seniors have been doing capstone projects. Things ranging from murals to re-doing classrooms. The students doing capstone are excited to finish their projects and see their final products.
Jackie Gallman and her friend, Chloe Wakefield are doing a rural mural in one of the main hallways for capstone this year.
¨Everybody expects a basic city theme but we decided to do a rural scene instead to change it up.” Gallman said.
In their mural, they have a beautiful sunset scene with a small barn with some livestock and a small pond as well.
They have been working on their mural since capstone started, and they still have a lot more to go, ¨We still have so much to do, but I’m confident that we can finish it on time.¨ Wakefield said.
They both said the reason behind why they chose their rural scene is, ¨I hope people will start appreciating the beautiful county that we live in and won’t take it for granted.¨