Homecoming game Brief

Marisa Del Borrello, Author

Every year at Loudoun Valley High School, there is always anticipation for the biggest football game of the year, the homecoming game. Throughout the week, student body and football players alike all show out for the themes that differ everyday, this year we had denim day, costume day, jersey day, country vs. country club, and class colors. One of the head cheerleaders, Ashley Bannerton, is cheering at the pep rally and the game friday. “I’m very excited for the pep rally and the game to show the school our new routine that we have planned.” says Bannerton. The cheerleaders always know how to get the crowd excited for the games and school events like the pep rallies, and they always have fun doing it, “I’ve always wanted to try cheer because I’ve been a gymnast since I was little.” Bannerton explains. For the seniors, this will be their last homecoming game, and they are all nostalgic but excited for their last game. Emma pickering, a senior at Loudoun Valley High School is very hyped about the game tonight, “I’m excited to have fun with my friends for our very last game.” Pickering said.  It’s always saddening to do something for the last time, but the seniors will always make sure to make it a great time for everyone involved. “I’m excited but also sad.”