Fall Sports Coming to an End


Senior Nicole Steigerwald, high fives all her volleyball teammates, as they beat Woodgrove in a clean sweep on September 12th.

Alison Pike, Co-Editor in Chief/Photo Editor

As fall sports are coming to a close, freshmen are getting excited for next season and seniors take in every second to play and watch during their final games. For some student athletes, they have accomplished so much in so little time over the fall season. 

Freshman Kristen Cox participated in JV cheerleading as her first sport at Valley this fall. Cox set some personal goals for herself when the season began.

“My goal was to get a stunt and hit it, and then to build on it and make it tighter and stronger. I am proud that I managed to achieve my goal and make it even better.” said Cox.

Freshmen Kristen Cox (left) practices her stunt, during summer preseason, as the Valley Vikings cheer team prepares for the season ahead of them. Photo credits: Marissa Licciardone

Freshman Lago White tried out for the Loudoun Valley cross country team this fall. White was able to compete at the travel meet, PTXC as well as others. As a strong runner in just his first year of competing, he has high expectations for next season. 

“I expect next season to go much better compared to this season, as I will learn from some of my upperclassmen teammates and my coaches.” White said. 

Freshman Lago White, runs in the 24 hour relay, hosted by the Loudoun Valley cross country team, over the summer, to raise money for the team. Photo credits: Alison Pike

Sophomore Ava Gordon took a leap of faith this year to come run at Loudoun Valley under the leadership of cross country coach Marc and Joan Hunter. Freshmen year, Gordon had a strong season at Rock Ridge High School, but hoped to find more success at Valley. Gordon has had a strong season running at the varsity level and will be competing in the postseason. In addition, Gordon has competed in travel meets in North Carolina (Great American) and Pennsylvania (PTXC.) Being a new student at Valley, Ava has made some accomplishments on and off  the course.

 “I am proud of myself for breaking my [personal record] at Great American in North Carolina and making new friends on the team and off the team.” Gordon said.

Sophomore Ava Gordon, competes at Oatlands Invitational, September 14th, running in the girls Varsity A race. Photo credits: Roger Burch

Continuing, sophomore Blake Moore, JV and Varsity football player, has been through a tough season with his teammates. He has made many accomplishments over the season, but the team has also suffered their fair share of defeat.

 “This season, we only won three games for JV, but we could have worked better as a team and finished stronger.” said Moore

 Blake has many goals he would like to achieve for the next season, and has been training relentlessly for a shot to be the starting running back on Varsity his junior year.

Sophomore Blake Moore, runs to receive the football, as he plays against Brentsville District High School, on September 23rd. Photo credits: Roger Burch

Junior Genna Marsh plays field hockey: one of the only sports at Loudoun Valley that has only a varsity team. As starting goalie for this fall season, Genna has an individual role compared to her other teammates. The team has come a long way compared to last season. 

“I’m proud that we’ve won a lot more games than last year. I definitely think that as a whole, we have really improved.” 

Genna plans on playing club field hockey during the off season to improve for 

next season. 

Junior Genna Marsh, high fives her teammates, as she prepares to play against cross town rival, Woodgrove, September 24th. Photo credits: Alison Pike

Moving on, the Loudoun Valley golf team brought home a huge win as they earned third place in the state competition this year. Junior Owen Cook was one of the six athletes who participated in states. As the majority of the athletes on the team were seniors, Cook thinks that next years team will have to bring lots of intensity and drive to live up to this year’s performance.  

“The kids playing golf next year have pretty big shoes to fill, but I think we’ll be alright.” 

Being a junior this year, Owen will train harder than he ever has to be the best that he can be for his senior season and to be a leader for the team. 

Junior Owen Cook, walks to the start of the course, as he plays against Tuscarora High School on September 9th. Photo credits: Shelli Cook

As for the Seniors, they’re experiencing their last football games, the final time they step on the court or to wear their own jersey.. It’s an emotional experience for any seniors to play the final game as a high school athlete. 

Senior Andrew Corkrey, starting running back for the Loudoun Valley varsity football team, tackles his last year of playing football at the high school level. Throughout the season, he has fulfilled many of his goals. This season, Corkrey and his teammates came together and worked to fulfill their needs as a team. 

“This year has been different for [my team and I,] because we have been able to accomplish a lot more. Eventually, we came together and were able to find things that work for us [as a team] and be able to work [as a whole] instead as individual players.”

 This year, the Loudoun Valley football team will most likely be able to go into the postseason and play in districts, which is an additional goal that Andrew would like to achieve, for him and his team. 

Senior Andrew Corkrey, runs off the field, as he just helped his team make an offense play, during the Riverside game, September 9th. Photo credits: Gwen Saunier

For senior Nicole Steigerwald, starting right side hitter for the girls varsity volleyball team, enjoys these last few moments with her friends and teammates. Nicole has achieved much more than growing as a volleyball player. 

“My greatest accomplishment ties into the difference between this season and past years; I have grown from a quiet, reserved, even scared player into everyone’s “hype man.” Many teammates and friends consider me the loudest person on the court.”

As the season creeps to an end, Nicole takes in every moment to spend time with her teammates, puts her best foot forward in practice, and plays with a purpose.

Senior Nicole Steigerwald, high fives all her volleyball teammates, as they beat Woodgrove in a clean sweep on September 12th. Photo credits: Alison Pike

Without a doubt, student athletes are disappointed that their season is coming to an end, but will work hard to secure spots in post-season games. Next, winter sports are approaching.