Dominion Vs. Valley Football game brief

This week at Loudoun Valley High School, the Varsity football team is going against Dominion at home. The theme for the Jungle this Friday is blackout, and the game starts at seven. The record so far this year is 4-5. Last week, Varsity won against Independence High School last Friday with the score being 35-9. This home game is the last home game of the season, and the last home game for the seniors on the team. For the game this friday, the cheer team is trying to get the Jungle to memorize a cheer for half time. The cheer was posted on the Jungle’s instagram account so students could share it and memorize it for the game. Sophomore Hayden Kapalla, who is on the Junior Varsity team talks about how excited he is for the game this Friday, “I’m looking forward to hopefully beating Dominion and having a really good game.” Kapalla also talks about how special the game is to the seniors, “It’s a special game for the seniors tonight, and we hope to have a good game.”