Enter the Dungeon at D&D Club


Garrett Hennessey, Staff Reporter

Players of the popular game Dungeons and Dragons now have their own club at Valley.  The club meets in room 126 during B club rotations and is open to anyone that wants to participate.

Dungeons and Dragons is a game that involves imagination, giving players the power to create their own characters. A game generally consists of five to six people and could last from 30 minutes to six hours. 

While most of the players work together in the game, one of the players takes the rank of Dungeon Master and has the ability to create traps and obstacles against the other players.

 “You can succeed in a quest but can’t win the game,” junior Levi Byers, president of the club said. “This is a game of strategy that no one wins,”Levi said.

A member of the club, junior Benjamin Shorter, got hooked into the club by his sister, “My sister was playing it, so I decided to join in!” Benjamin said. 

By joining this club, the members have been able to form friendships over Dungeons and Dragons. 

”I’ve made friends playing Dungeons and Dragons,” said Benjamin. 

Cameron Roberts another club leader started playing recently too. 

“I was asked if I wanted to play as a support character,” Cameron said. He joined the Dungeons and Dragons club after getting introduced to the game. Dungeons and Dragons is a great way to bond with friends. When playing Dungeons and Dragons Cameron still mostly plays as a support character. A goal for the Dungeons and Dragons club is to build a strong community where everybody can be friends with each other.