Handley Vs. Varsity Football Game Playoff Brief

Tomorrow at Handley High School at 1:00, the boys varsity football team is playing Hanley for the first game of the playoffs. The admission to get into the game is eight dollars at the entrance of the field. In honor of said playoffs, the boys decided to dye their hair blonde, and some of the boys shaved their number into the side of their head. If Hanley comes out of the game with the win, the season is over for the varsity team. The record for the team so far is 6:4, and they hope to continue their record throughout the playoffs and hopefully get to state. On the Jungles Instagram,  they give out all of the information of when and where the game is for tomorrow, and the theme for the game is jungle themed to represent valley for the start of the playoffs. Let’s hope that our boys can make it past the first game of the playoffs this season.