Parkview Vs. Girls Varsity basketball game preview

Tonight, here at Loudoun Valley High School, the girls varsity team is playing Parkview at 7:30, the game tonight is their second game this week. The admission for the game tonight is six dollars, and there is no theme tonight for the game. Louis Volker, who is a freshman on varsity this year, talks about how excited she is for the game against Parkview tonight, having never played them before, “Since it’s my first time playing for valley, I haven’t played Parkview yet, and I’m nervous, but excited as well.” The team’s record so far this year is 5:5, keeping a winning streak so far this season. Sarah Thompson, who is a senior on the team this year, describes how she loves to be there for her team and cheer them on, “I’m excited to be able to play and cheer on my team.” Both Volker and Thompson share mutual excitement to be involved in their sport and work hard, creating an amazing team dynamic with everyone on the team.  “We always have so much fun getting pumped for our games.”