2020 Winter Sports – What to Expect

Alison Pike, Co-Editor in Chief/Photo Editor

As senior Kate Brennan prepares for the basketball season ahead of her this winter, she fears her senior season could become irrelevant. 

Currently, Loudoun County Public Schools is moving forward with winter sports, along with Fairfax County Public Schools. But, just as of last week, Arlington County Public Schools announced they are cancelling all winter sports for the 2020-2021 school year. Arlington County cancelling their winter sports could cause Loudoun County Public Schools to rethink its decision on allowing winter sports to be executed. 

Seniors like Kate Brennan, girls varsity basketball captain, fear missing out on their last high school season due to Covid-19. 

“I’m very nervous that they’ll cancel winter sports this year, and I’ll lose my senior season, especially now that Arlington County decided to cancel their winter sports,” Brennan said. 

Student-athletes such as sophomore Kayla Crowson are horrified that without a winter season, they will be missing a vital portion of their high school experience. 

“I would just feel very disappointed,” Crowson said. “It’s like missing part of high school.”  

The Class of 2024 has not yet experienced what high school is like. This year, they haven’t experienced their first “normal” day of high school, their first high school dance and possibly their first high school sports season. 

Freshman Bradley Bernard is a year-round runner, competing in fall, winter and spring sports for the Hunters at Loudoun Valley. So far, Bradley hasn’t experienced any “normal” high school. 

“I’d be bummed that I missed out on the first opportunity to do track, but I’d definitely keep running at home and I’d play basketball instead, assuming it’s not cancelled,” Bernard said. 

If winter sports do take place, many of the sports have already announced Covid-19 precautions that teams will have to take. 

“For the basketball season, I have heard that there will be no jump ball and assigned seats on the bench,” Brennan said. 

On Dec. 1, LCPS will have its next school board meeting, where they will possibly discuss winter sports for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Sawyer Peterson, current senior, played against Independence at Home last year, pursuing basketball during the winter sports season. Photo taken by Alison Pike.