COVID-19’s Impact on the Holiday Season



Mercy Soly, Media & Features Editor

With the holiday season right around the corner, COVID-19 has put up a barrier between traditional celebrations.

Sophomore Mirella Savee notes that because her older brother is an essential worker, her family is planning to keep this year’s holiday celebrations small.

“Thanksgiving is going to look really different because we don’t want to put any of my family in danger, ” Savee said.

As the pandemic worsens and flu season approaches, the CDC recommends celebrating the upcoming holidays with those you live with and connecting virtually with everyone else.The CDC noted that a large fraction of the rising cases are due to the small gatherings that continue to be held across the country that are deemed “ harmless”.

According to a survey held on, 60% of Americans intend on staying home this year for the upcoming holidays. If traveling, the CDC emphasizes that in order to keep oneself and others safe, maintaining social distancing, washing your hands and wearing a mask are imperative.

Junior Karis Robinson explains that because her mom is a nurse at the Inova Hospital,  the people who her family spends the holidays with will contrast from years past. 

“This year will be different since we can’t visit family members, especially grandparents because we don’t want to put them at risk,” Robinson said.

The CDC is placing safety this holiday season as a priority. They state that by staying home, the risk of spread lessens and helps keep others safe.