A Profile on Ava Gordon


Gordon competing in the Cross Country Town USA Meet of Champions presented by the Garrett Companies, where she placed 7th.

Scarlet Fetterolf, Staff Reporter

Ava Gordon is one speedy girl. The junior has racked up lots of fast times both on the track and cross country course, as well as competed in many state and national meets. Through hard work, dedication and intense training, Ava has run her way to success, and isn’t stopping any time soon. 

Gordon’s running journey started in 7th grade after she quit lacrosse to join a cross country team. 

“I’ve been running for five years and it has definitely been the biggest part of my life ever since,” she says. 

Gordon transferred from Rock Ridge High School to Loudoun Valley High School her sophomore year to begin training under coaches Marc and Joan Hunter, who both have accomplishments including two consecutive wins at Nike Cross Country Nationals for their boys team and many state titles for both boys and girls. 

The Hunters train Gordon with intensity, and she follows a schedule nearly identical to the one she began with when she transferred.

“I run seven days a week with a combination of CV workouts, long runs, fartleks and recovery runs,” she said.

This approach has worked out well so far, and Gordon has been able to continue improving, even through a global pandemic. Most runners stayed inside, losing fitness and their motivation to train. However, despite the challenges, Gordon persevered and kept her nose to the grindstone. Gordon’s hard work led to unique opportunities that changed her running career for the better. 

“The pandemic has actually affected my running in a positive way, I have had more opportunities to go out of state and compete and bigger races to better myself,” Gordon said.

Gordon has become better, running incredible personal records of 17:16 for a 5k, 10:39 for a two mile and 4:55 for a mile, the latter even earning her a ranking of 7th in the nation for the event out of the hundreds of female runners in the country.

Gordon attributes these successes to her determination. 

“In my opinion I think I am a successful runner because I have put a lot of hard work and all my effort into being as good as I can,” Gordon says.

Gordon can’t imagine her life without running and plans to continue her career in college. “My top two (schools) as of right now are University of Alabama and UNC Chapel Hill. I love both of these schools and they both have great running programs and coaches. They are also both a little more south which is where I want to be,” says Gordon.

With aspirations for more success both in high school and college, Gordon looks to a bright future ahead of her. “I want to accomplish many more things in my running career like going D1 and winning more state titles with my team and individually.”