Back to school: students reflect on transition from online to hybrid learning

Sidrah Rizvi, Staff Reporter

After months of virtual school, students are now walking the halls of Loudoun Valley. However, this transition is taking place against the backdrop of nationwide increases in COVID-19 cases, according to cnbc

Senior Kayla Bolen had two options—100% online or doing hybrid. She opted for the hybrid option and has been attending in-person classes since March 2. She found that the shift required her to adapt. 

¨It’s definitely way different now that we are back,” Bolen said. “We had to adjust to doing whatever we want at home to having to be in person and paying attention and everything, which isn’t bad, but it just takes some getting used to.¨

The environment at Valley has completely changed throughout the past months. From being completely normal to having so many restrictions. Bolen says that all of it is so abnormal for her and something that took time for her to get used to.

¨The environment at school is different in every class. It started out weird but now everyone in the class is getting close friends and it’s becoming super fun,¨ Bolen said.  

Sophomore Clay Grisius says that the hybrid learning atmosphere has evolved since its introduction.  

¨The environment at school is slowly getting back to normal,” Grisius said. “More people are coming in, and soon, we’ll be in four days a week.”  

April 20, Valley will allow hybrid students to attend in-person classes for four days. This means that all students will be in the school together and at the same time. 

¨The change to four days is going to be a huge difference. It’s definitely going to change my routine with sports and social life,” Bolen said. “The biggest ‘problem’ is that most of my friends are home and so sometimes I feel left out when I’m at school. But I like being at school.¨  

Freshman Ava Lomelin shared a similar experience to Bolen’s regarding the social atmosphere in hybrid learning. 

¨I thought my first day at Valley would be with all my friends and seeing who’s in all my classes and everything fun about starting high school, but it was actually just another day,” Lomelin said. “It was pretty quiet and I only ended up seeing a few friends.¨