Boba Talk: Making Pop Culture Easier

Louis Volker, Staff Reporter

In today’s age of technology, at-home streaming services, increased screen time and media consumption, the constant bombardment of pop culture can be overwhelming and hard to digest. Thankfully, two heroes are here to help process it all with the Boba Talk podcast.

Every week, boba-loving hosts Louis Volker and Pearson Dhillon, along with a special guest, pick one thing in popular culture to discuss. This could mean reviewing award shows, processing news like space exploration feats or planning for hypothetical situations, like the zombie apocalypse.  No matter what the group ends up talking about, they’re always ready to give their opinions, entertain listeners and have fun. 

Anyone who is ready for some laughs and doesn’t want to miss out on the wide range of subjects that pop culture has to offer, would enjoy listening to this podcast. New episodes of Boba Talk release every Wednesday afternoon.

Listen to the newest episode, with special guest Mason Miller, here