A Recap of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”

Garrett Hennessey, Staff Reporter

Episode One

The cavalry has arrived! As the Clone Wars are close to an end, Clone Force 99, aka “The Bad Batch,” are deployed on the outer rim world of Kaller, to defeat the resisting Separatists. Upon the unit’s arrival, Order 66 is activated and carried out by most clones. Order 66 is the command that controls all of the clones’ minds through an inhibitor chip to program them to wipe out all Jedi. Captain Grey under Depa Billaba’s command betrays her and her padawan, Caleb Dume. She sacrifices herself in order to ensure the safety of her padawan Caleb. Surprisingly most of the Bad Batch are not affected by the order given out. Hunter, the leader of the group, along with Crosshair, the sniper, pursue the young padawan in an attempt to understand what is going on. Crosshair is slightly affected, causing him to attempt to shoot the padawan, but fails. 

When the Conquest of Kaller meets its conclusion, the Bad Batch are given orders to return to Kamino, their birthplace. During their stay they begin to realize how cold and robot-like the other clones are. They bump into a new face named Omega. The brains of the Bad Batch, Tech, scans her only to realize she is an enhanced clone, like the other members. 

Their disobedience to this new Imperial regime causes them to be labeled traitors of the Galactic Empire. The exception to the group is Crosshair, who displays loyalty unlike his fellow squadmates. Governor Tarkin commands that Crosshair’s inhibitor chip is amplified to make him extremely loyal to the Empire. As the Bad Batch make their way out of Kamino, they are confronted by a brainwashed crosshair. A skirmish between the batch and the Imperial clones results with Crosshair loyal to the empire, while the remaining Bad Batch members take Omega with them. 

Episode Two

With the rapid change of the state of the galaxy, the group needs to figure out how to acclimate in a new galaxy. The group seeks out an old friend, A fellow deserted clone by the name of Cut Lawquane. Traveling to the outer rim planet of Saleucami, the group reunites with Cut and his family. Cut explains that due to the rise of the new Empire, he and his family need to lay low. The group helps Cut forge new Chain Codes, an identification policy created by the Empire to monitor off-world travel. The relationship between Hunter and Omega develops into a parental relationship. Hunter learns the importance of being a guardian from Cut. 

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Episode Three

Following the team’s departure from Saleucami, they face a crash landing and a need to repair their ship. Hunter and Omega are tasked with finding their ship capacitor, a device used to store energy. While tracking the capacitor they come at odds with an Ordo Moon Dragon. Hunter is knocked out, yet luckily Omega is able to distract the dragon and retrieve the capacitor. Wrecker, the brute of the group, exclaims that his head hurts multiple times but spends the episode making a bedroom for Omega on the ship.

 This episode switches perspectives to Crosshair’s side. The Empire is starting to prioritize recruiting soldiers instead of clones. Crosshair is given a team of non clones, and is given the orders to wipe out threats on the planet of Onderon. The harsh and cold side of Crosshair is displayed when he executes his fellow teammate over a disagreement on the mission. Not only that, he forces his remaining teammates to eliminate innocent civilians.

Speculation on What Could Happen Next

Crosshair has displayed some of the coldest qualities compared to other clones. His redemption may be possible as there is a scene of him potentially fighting the chip. 

Wrecker hitting his head where his inhibitor chip is could be foreshadowing of him being controlled by the chip, resulting in him potentially betraying the group or being a temporary conflict. 

The Kaminoans are not needed by the Empire, due to the cycling out of clones. The Kaminoans were shown to have some sort of plan to start another phase of cloning. This could also likely lead to a Kaminoan rebellion, which happened in Legends. As Jango Fett (the template of the clones)’s DNA is running out, the Kaminoans may seek out Boba Fett, the unaltered clone “son” of Jango. 

There is wide speculation of the possibility of Omega being force sensitive. Her being force sensitive would feel generic and overused unless executed in the right way. For example; a potential vessel for Palpatine, but aside from that I would rather her be a genetically enhanced clone. 

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The following episodes show the story of Echo, the fifth member of the Bad Batch: 

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars:” “Rookies”, “Clone Cadets”, “ARC Troopers”, ”The Citadel”, ”Counterattack”, and ”Citadel Rescue”.

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