September Club Kickoff


Student leaders, CJ Swanson and Angel Hernandez, talk to participants during Culture Club during A rotation.

Emma Glanz, Staff Reporter

This month was the kickoff of Valleys September clubs. Currently, there are 42 clubs in counting for this year. At Valley, most clubs are run by the students, which gives them an opportunity to educate their fellow classmates and present leadership. 

Culture club is one of the upcoming clubs being offered this year. Viviana Maldonado is one of the senior leaders of culture club, which meets every A rotation on Friday. 

Culture Club is a great way for kids to learn more about other countries and what special occasions they do,” Maldonado said. “We like to bring in food as well and talk about some interesting things that we find in each country.”

Maldonado said what stands out most is the food her club has. 

“Everyone always wants to eat the food and get drinks,” she said. “Another thing that stands out is that there are people from different countries in our club, and that is really cool for many people including myself.”

Senior Marina McLean, is one of the leaders of DECA, which meets every A rotation. 

DECA is a business and marketing club that is co-curricular with our school business classes. DECA runs the school store, the Viking Alley, and we go to district, state and international competitions,” McLean said.  “Students enjoy this club because it involves real world opportunities and gives most students a clearer idea of what they want to do in college.” 

McLean said what stands out the most is running ths school store and going on field trips.

“If I were to pitch my club to someone I would mention being able to run the school store,” she said. “I would mention going to Virginia Beach to compete in-state competition. Our field trips and school stores are the things that make us stand out the most.” 

From finding new countries while trying new foods, to learning about marketing while finding new-world opportunities, there’s something for you. Remember to check out clubs on Friday.