What to Watch in the Month of October

Mercy Soly, Media & Features Editor

In the month of October, Netflix released a list of new tv shows for their subscribers. Including production that had to be delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, now that many have been released, this is what you can watch or should have been watching during the month of October:

1) You: Season 3
Release Date: 10/15/21
Rating: TV-MA
You follows the life of the main character of Joe Goldberg and his obsessions with love and anything he would do to achieve it….anything. In the last two seasons, you watch as Joe’s decisions pathe his future to where he is now and the detrimental effects of his habitual tendencies. However, in season 3, he wants to do better because it isn’t just about him anymore. He has a kid and a wife, Love, who is of questionable character just the same. Joe engages in his new life for the best, but can’t help but fall back into old habits with the new neighbor. Played by Gossip’s Girl’s Dan Humphrey, Penn Badgley’s audience will feel mystery and intensity in this next season.

2) On My Block: Season 4
Release Date: 10/4/21
Rating: TV-14
For one last time, On My Block fans are able to watch what Ridgecrest has to offer the friend group of characters, Jamal, Ruby, Monse, and Caesar. Once considered the Core 4, this new season catches each character in very different places in life after not speaking to each other for two years.Nonetheless, the storyline leads them back together their senior year, for the better and the worst. As the Netflix original comes to an end, viewers are able to see their favorite treasure hunters take on what real life is all about and discover the value of real friendship one last time.

3) The Babysitter’s Club: Season 2
Release Date: 10/11/21
Rating: TV-G
Based on Ann M. Martin’s 90’s book series, Netflix’s adapted spin-off of the beloved books, released their second season on the 11th of October. Like the original, the Netflix version follows five junior high girls (Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, and May Ann) on their babysitting business endeavours, along with the middle school growing pains of each character. Also holding topics of discussion of today’s world are seen like race, feminism, relationships, and family dynamics. Season 2 advances the plotline in a way that take’s a more individualized course of action, but also keeps the theme of friendship. The Babysitter’s Club is a spin-off that will continue to remind you of a 90’s throwback, but also enlighten you through a modern take on the original.

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