5 Minutes with Alex Chinn


Alex Chinn

Cupcakes made by Alex Chinn for her small business, Allie Cakes Bakery.

Scarlet Fetterolf, Staff Reporter

Decadent cakes topped with intricate icing designs, swirly buttercream sandwiched between macarons cookies baked to perfection, and delicate cupcakes complete with smooth frosting and a showering of sprinkles. Junior Alex Chinn’s passion for baking has been cultivated through her creativity and talent.

Chinn enjoys whipping up baked goods during all times of the year, and autumn brings a unique flavor profile that she loves to experiment with. 

“During the fall I like to go with more spice flavors,” Chinn said. “One of my personal favorites is sweet potato cupcakes with a toasted marshmallow topping. I usually do it around Thanksgiving.” 

Her favorite items to bake depend on how she is feeling on any given day, but in general, Chinn has found her niche in decorating cupcakes with intricate frosting designs. 

“Personally, I love cupcakes, I love frosting,” Chinn said. “I like hand-frosting the frosting with the pastry bag. I love it. So fun.” 

Chinn’s passion began when a Cake Wars episode inspired her to bake her own birthday cake.

“I decorated a unicorn cake from a Pillsbury box cake, and I wanted to learn how to make even more fun designs,” Chinn said.

Over time, Chinn’s hobby evolved from birthday cakes made with box mix into a small business of her own. Allie Cakes Bakery is a product of her own hard work and creativity, and Chinn sells homemade cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other baked goods in every flavor imaginable. She named her business after a fun and personal nickname or hers. 

“Allie Cakes is my dad’s nickname for me,” she said.

In the future, Chinn wants to compete on a baking show, but in the meantime she hopes to experiment with more unique flavors in the kitchen. 

“I really want to try really unusual flavors,” she said. “But something that would work in a cupcake.”

The junior has unbridled creativity and a fearless attitude towards baking that has kept her passion alive, and she encourages others to take the same approach. 

“Don’t be afraid to try something new.”