Valley Students To Protest Uvalde School Shooting



Activists in DC demand action against gun violence during the March for Our Lives protest in 2018.

Mackenzie Bunn, News, Campus, & Media Editor

Today, students across Loudoun Valley will leave their classes in solidarity to protest gun violence and carrying regulations across the country.


The walkout, organized by the activist group Students Demand Action, will take place at 12 p.m., and was proposed after the Uvalde, Texas shooting on Tuesday. 


While the protest stresses both gun safety and action against gun violence, Students Demand Action also emphasizes working against, “Systemic inequities across institutions and generations of racial discrimination that has created a disproportionate impact on marginalized communities.”


For students looking to walkout this afternoon, the SDA advises students to read up on their rights before leaving class. 


“We must say enough is enough,” said the SDA on their website. “We’ve had enough thoughts and prayers. We need action.”