Fruit Picking Fun

Emma Glanz, Staff Reporter

With summer around the corner, many delicious fruits are waiting to be picked for a tasty treat. Here is a rundown of the farms that are currently open…

Wegmeyer Farms has delicious strawberries for picking. They are located in Hamilton (home farm), Oatlands, and Gilberts Corner. The Hamilton and Oatland farms have strawberries for you to pick and the strawberries at Gilberts Corner are already picked for you. To pick strawberries, you have to book a reservation the night before through their website. The reservation includes your first-gallon size bucket for strawberries and secures a spot for you and your family to pick. The bucket holds approximately five pounds of strawberries. They also have other treats to shop for at the farm! Go enjoy a tasty treat at Wegmeyer Farms.

Yankey Farms, located in Prince William County, has a great strawberry patch awaiting you. The farm requires a reservation for Saturdays and Memorial Day. You will need to book your reservation the night before by 8 p.m, however during the week reservations are not required. On Sundays, the farm is closed. They expect their strawberry season to last till early to mid-June, so book a reservation today! To book a reservation, go visit the website for further details. 

Green Truck Farm is a family-run farm with a variety of berries and fruits to pick from. They are located 50 minutes from the beltway on I-66 alongside a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They have strawberries between May and June, blueberries and black raspberries between June and July, tomatoes between July and September and red raspberries between July and October. For further information on when to pick check their website and Facebook page before picking.