Faced with a fresh start


Sophia Serice

Mr. Hammill’s English 9 honors class learning about CECEC paragraph parts.

Sophia Serice, Staff Reporter

After only one full year of middle school, the freshmen class have faced an unusual transition into high school. Schools across the globe shut their doors as the virus forced students and teachers alike into their homes. 

According to Freshman Katherine Hannah, entering school after quarantine created new emotions.  

“It definitely made me way more socially anxious, like going to school last year I was so nervous,” Hannah said. “I panicked walking to school and I was just like, ‘this shouldn’t be happening because like I was fine in sixth grade.’” 

This sentiment of being anxious about going back to school was shared by many of the other freshmen, including Emma Sabin. 

“I definitely did develop more social anxiety and I know a lot of people who did too and so I feel that going into high school was quite daunting,” Sabin said.

In the past, high schoolers would use middle school as a place to discover interests about themselves. As well as find others with those same interests, have social interactions, and make connections. Without those social connections built during middle school, the freshman class are left with less awareness of social pressures in high school. 

Freshman Clairen Gaucher feels as though she’s missed out on a lot.  

“We didn’t have that at all,” Gaucher said. “ I still feel like a sixth grader.”