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College is calling

Seniors advise handling applications, final semester

College applications. To seniors, those words bring to mind the complex, and, at times, difficult process that can affect the rest of their lives. Many seniors may have pressed “submit,” but while due dates have passed, no doors are closed yet for Valley’s anxiety-ridden, college-bound individuals.

Watching their lively classmates scurry to apply, several questions linger in the minds of underclassmen as they realize they’ll be in that position in a mere matter of years: How difficult is it all? Where will I go? Will I apply early action? What about test scores? 

Let’s unpack this complicated process with those at the heart of it all: seniors. 

 Graduated senior Isla Williams knows first-hand about the college application process. 

“I was most certainly overwhelmed by the process,” Williams said. “It felt like I was just thrown into it without any preparation.” 

Williams admitted she didn’t even know what the Common App was, a program that organizes college applications, until her senior year. 

Williams is not the only one who felt this way.

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