Mental health apps: Finch edition

Sophia Serice, Reviews & A&E Editor

For the past week, I have been using Finch to see whether or not it is worth your time. 

What is Finch?

Finch is a self care widget pet that helps to support various mental health struggles. From anxiety to depression to ADHD, Finch provides a little pet to support you. Every day you go on adventures that trigger conversations with your pet to help them and you.

Screenshot by Sophia Serice, app by Finch

My Review:


Right off the bat, the game has a very cute, positive art style and adorable bird characters that you can customize and name. The next feature that is very interesting is it allows you to connect with friends as you improve your mental health. Using what is called the “Tree Town,” you can add friends and family into your mental health journey and send them different good vibes. Some of those include strength, hugs, high fives, dances and any other positive action to help out your friends with their day.

Screenshot by Sophia Serice, app by Finch


Another aspect that I really enjoy is the multitude of different activities you can do. Using the plus sign at the bottom, you are able to create daily goals for yourself to complete that help you grow with your bird. Some of those include thinking of something that makes you happy or writing your feelings out using the daily reflections feature. The other activities are ideas on how to help your friends or community, yoga to help with your mindset or some nice soundscapes to study. 

Screenshot by Sophia Serice, app by Finch


Even with all of the features I really enjoy, there are a few negatives. For starters, Finch bars you from accessing some of the activities if you are only using the free version. You have to pay $5 a month to use those, and for a mental health app, I think that is quite steep. Another negative of this app is that you must wait 12 hours until you are able to communicate with your bird. For me, this is very annoying if you want to connect with this virtual pet. In the week I have been playing, I’ve only interacted with my bird seven times. 

Screenshot by Sophia Serice, app by Finch

My thoughts

Overall, I think this app is very fun and would recommend it if you want just the slightest bit of bird happiness added to your everyday life. I wouldn’t recommend this app to replace true mental health resources, for that I would suggest going to an expert who is there to help you. This app receives a rating of 4 out of 5.