Military Appreciation Month

Emma Vann, Media & Opinion Editor

May is Military appreciation month, a time to recognize the individuals who have fought, served and continue to serve the country. This time is also used to appreciate the families of these brave men and women. In the United States, 3.2% of the population lives in a military household. 

Junior Anna Tally is one of those individuals, as she has grown up a military child. With this title came many adventures, such as moving almost every 3 years.

“I moved a lot but my favorite place to live, I really liked Temecula California,” Tally said. “Temecula is my favorite place because of my childhood memories. I lived in a neighborhood with a lot of kids my age and so that was always fun, especially because we were always outside with the really nice weather.”

Tally’s dad was in the military and though it forced them to move often, she says it’s improved aspects of her life.

“I liked it [being a military child] a lot because, well, personally, I liked it because I got to meet new people and I got really good at social things just because I did move around so much,” Tally said. “But it’s also hard leaving your friends.”

There are many misconceptions about military kids, and Tally voices her encounters with stereotypes she doesn’t relate to.

“I don’t like that they expect us to not be the best with social experiences because of moving so much,” Tally said.

On average a military family will move every 2.5 years and with that comes adjustment, Tally is able to make the most of each new place she moves to and makes meaningful memories along the way.