Gotham Season 5 Review so far

Contains minor spoilers for Gotham


Jared Sanders, Writer and Photographer

The first episode of the final season of Gotham aired on January 3rd, 2019. This episode implements the different gangs that were formed because all the bridges into Gotham getting destroyed in the previous season. It was also entertaining to see the Scarecrow gang raid the compound that Jim Gordon and some other citizens were staying in, as well as entertaining to see the fight between Jim Gordon and the Scarecrow with Scarecrow using his traditional scythe. Bruce started to act more like Batman when taking out criminals since he used the darkness to his advantage.

The second episode titled “Trespassers”, is about Jim Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock rescuing kids kidnapped by one of the gangs in Gotham. The ending of this episode blew me away. It deals with Bruce Wayne trying to find a way to heal Selina Kyle who was shot in the spine in the previous season finale by Jeremiah Velaska resulting in having Poison Ivy play a small role since she was the one that Bruce had to go to in order to get help healing Selina.

In the third episode titled “Penguin, Our Hero”, Jim Gordon creates a new compound called Haven, which is supposed to be the safest place in Gotham; however, this frustrates Penguin since some of his men leave to go there. Selina and Bruce try to find Jeremiah so she can get revenge on him by going to a “church” run by one of his followers, Echo.

In the fourth episode titled “Ruin”, Jim Gordon must team up with Penguin due to events that happened in the previous episode. The shootout between the GCPD as well as Penguin’s gang and Victor Zsasz was fairly entertaining and the conflict with them was one of the major plot focuses of this episode. Selina continues her quest to find and kill Jeremiah. This also focuses on Edward Nygma trying to figure out what is wrong with him mentally, and him helping Lucius Fox solve a mystery.

The fifth episode “Pena Dura” focused on a military task force that was sent to help Jim Gordon and Gotham. The main focus that the task force had was tracking down a criminal who murdered innocent civilians. This also provided me with a reason why Edward Nygma has two personalities by having him talk to Hugo Strange. This included the classic trap of pulling one of the books in the bookshelf. Again there was another brilliant in the ending written by the writers of Gotham.

The next episode doesn’t come out until February 14, 2019 which gives you plenty of time to get caught up on this season. This season is one of my favorites so far since its introducing more of Batman’s villains. In the upcoming episodes Bane will be introduced, who is Batman’s most powerful villain. The acting by Cameron Monaghan is incredible, and he makes Jeremiah seem a lot like the Joker, he also played Jeremiah’s brother Jerome who was insanely creepy and unfortunately killed off. This season only has 10 episodes, but I would highly recommend watching Gotham if you’re a fan of Batman, as well as a fan of cop shows.