Varsity Basketball Recap: Girls vs Millbrook and Boys vs Riverside

The boys fall to Riverside while the girls defeat Millbrook


Elle Pickering, Staff Reporter


Valley against County.

Last Friday, February 22nd, both our varsity teams had big games. The girls played Millbrook and the boys played Riverside. The girls won with a score of  78-70, which means that the first round of their state tournament gets to be close to home. The boys lost their game with a score of 51-62, determining that they are playing a couple of hours away for their first round of the state tournament.

The boys maintained their lead until the very end when repeated turnovers lead to a loss. The girls game was close, but the team eventually pulled away from Millbrook, winning by 8. At this point last year, they lost to Millbrook and got bumped out of the tournament.

The theme for the jungle during the game was jersey night. Something else special about this game was, the first 30 people got in for free, using their school ID.

Many of the players expected a hard fight to win, but the girls pulled through in the long run.