Have Swear Words Lost their Shock?

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Have Swear Words Lost their Shock?

Jennings Felt, Staff Reporter

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Today, you can’t go to school without hearing at least an assortment of 100 curse words a day. Since we hear this profanity so much, does it still have the same effect? Just think about it: how many times has someone cussed and have you thought “Oh my gosh I can’t believe they said that!”.

Society views cuss words as normal. The TV shows and movies we watch probably have something to do with that. things we hear affect us and our word choices. Today many TV programs and channels are more accepting of the dirty words and are allowing the use of the F-bomb. Heads are no longer turned at the dirty words. That’s just the average language in the average day of a teenager.

According to a team led by a psychology professor at San Diego State University, swear words are used 28 times more in literature in 2008 than in the 1950s. That’s just literature. Imagine the amount in movies, TV shows, and music.

From research done by scientists, NBC news shares that cursing can be a big help to many.

Swearing can help with pain management. If you jam your finger, just by cussing you can relieve some of the pain.

Improving your workout is another side effect of using cuss words. When you swear you can receive a boost in strength or performance. Just by saying a word.

Every high schooler knows the struggle: stress! It is virtually impossible to survive your high school experience without dealing with it. When we let ourselves go by cussing, we let our anger out and as a result, are less stressed.

TV shows and movies all usually include profanity but that doesn’t mean it can’t do anything. Stress and working out can both be managed more easily by using these dirty words. Though swear words may not have the same shocking effect, they still do something.