The Viking Slider

Overcoming the Odds

Riley Green

The Loudoun Valley soccer team has made a lot of noise this season, starting off 16-1 with big wins over Millbrook, Riverside, and Park View. A complete change of pace from the previous season. The team has climbed their way inside the top 10 for the state of Virginia.

Inside Viking Strong

Riley Green

Running onto the court, crowd roaring with cheers. Going through the pregame warmups. Leading up to one of the many games needed to be played in order to achieve the ultimate goal for any high school sports team. A state championship.

Q&A with Chase Dawson

Zachary Stevenson

Junior Chase Dawson won first place in his category at the regional and state science fair. Here, he talks about what he created, why he created it, and where he goes from here.

Franz Ferdinand's New Sound

Jordan Iwerks

Franz Ferdinand is one of the smartest bands to come from England’s mid 2000's post-punk revival. They are known for their distinctive use of guitar, played by Nick McCarthy.

Bump, Set, Spike

Gillian Krug

Founded by Junior Zach Franco, the Men's Volleyball League is a new club that gives an opportunity to be active and bond with fellow classmates for those who aren't currently playing a school sport. https://vimeo.com/249543593