Mobile Phones Have Dangerous Effects

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One of the many stereotypes of this generation is that teens are dependent on technology, using their cellphone and internet for basic tasks just so they don’t have to think too hard about it. What most teens and their families are unaware of is that their mobile phones are considered just as dangerous as lead, engine exhaust, and even chloroform, according to a European study.

Cell phones give off a form of low energy radiation called non-ionizing radiation, this is similar to a low-powered microwave. This radiation is absorbed by the body through the tissue closest to where the phone is held. The amount of energy a cell phone user is exposed to can depend on the technology of the phone, distance between the user and the cell phone antenna, amount of use and the user’s distance from the nearest cell tower.

“What cell phone radiation does in the most simplistic terms is similar to what happens in a microwave, the phone is essentially cooking the brain,” Chairman of neurology at Cedars-Sinai Medical center in Los Angeles Dr. Keith Black said, “so in addition to leading to the development of tumors and cancer there could be a whole host of other problems associated with cell phone use, for example, memory damage because the temporal lobe is near where most hold their phones.”

A student in Virginia, Sarah was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and the tumor is believed to have been caused by cell phone radiation.

“I wasn’t on my phone all the time I usually checked just every few minutes randomly. I called every once in a while just to speed up things so I didn’t have to type out full pages of things, I didn’t think that it was dangerous,” Sarah said. “I have an iPhone but I am honestly too afraid to use it now and I only text on it, my doctor said that my phone usage was not above the normal amount and they don’t think that it is producing more radiation than it should be. I have a tumor just below my temporal glandes, right above where my memory is stored so I guess I am lucky to still know who my friends are!”

The biggest problem scientist’s face is the amount of time it takes for the deformities of the brain to occur, because cancer and tumor can take years to form. When a person is on the phone for just 30 minutes, even just sporadically checking, the brain activity is increased dramatically. Eighty-six percent of students admit to spending at least three hours on their phone every day, increasing the brain activity drastically.

Cell phones are constantly giving off radiation because they are always looking for signals from satellites and are forced to work harder in areas where there is weak signal, when the phone is in a building or when the phone is moving. If holding the phone in your pocket, you are allowing the radiation to enter your body and it can have drastic affects if it reaches your organs.

“Doing something as simple as turning your phone off or turning it on airplane mode when you are not using it will decrease the amount of radiation you are exposed to,” Black said.

The cancer will develop due to the increased activity of the cells on the side of the brain closest to where the phone is held. The cells will begin to produce more glucose, which will cause the cells to divide more rapidly making it easier for a mutated cell to be created, and divide again. The tumor this will create can be either cancerous or benign.

“Children’s skulls and scalps are thinner, so the radiation can penetrate deeper into the brain of the children and young adults. Their cells are dividing at a faster rate, so the impact of the radiation can be much larger,” Black said. “in addition, the cells of children divide at a faster rate, giving the problems that may occur a much more drastic effect.”

When you text, you don’t need as strong a signal as you do calling someone, making it less dangerous than calling someone. Also, the more space between the cell phone and the person the safer, by putting the phone on the speaker and holding it just inches away from your face can almost entirely get rid of the radiation exposure.

“Brain cancer incidence and mortality have changed quite a bit in the last decade and are becoming more frequent. Fourteen thousand and eighty deaths were estimated to be associated with brain cancer this year and 23,130 people were diagnosed,” a representative of the FDA after a decade long study said.

While it may seem cute to stay up talking to your boyfriend for hours at night, just know that you are making yourself a target for uncontrolled cell division of your brain and giving yourself the possibility of cancerous tumors.Mobile

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