What We learned: The NFL Week 2

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ARIZONA: The Cardinals look bad. Sam Bradford couldn’t pass for 100 yards, David Johnson disappointed fantasy owners everywhere, and the defense couldn’t do anything to stop the Rams arsenal of offensive weapons. With a team this bad, the Cardinals should hold off on putting Rosen in as long as they can just to avoid shaking his confidence.
ATLANTA: When Steve Sarkisian isn’t making bone-headed pay calls, the Falcons look good. Really good. Matt Ryan had his best game in recent memory and Tevin Coleman showed how capable he is as a starter with Devonta Freeman out. Most importantly the Falcons went 4-4 in  the red zone against the Panthers. If the Falcons continue to run the offense efficiently, they’re a few more Julio Jones targets away from a super bowl run.
BALTIMORE: The Ravens were not as bad last week than people will say. Sure Andy Dalton had 4 touchdowns, but he also barely completed half of his passes. The only thing the defense did wrong was they couldn’t stop A.J. Green. The real concern here is the fact that Joe Flacco threw 55 passes. Alex Collins has shown himself to be a very capable running back and e only got nine carries. A more balanced offensive attack and the Ravens could make people forget about this game really quickly.
BUFFALO: The Bills might go 0-16 this year. Is that an overreaction? Probably, but even the Browns didn’t look as bad as this opening up last year. It’s a shame Josh Allen was thrown into the starting spot so early, because his confidence is sure to be obliterated due to his lack of offensive help. Also, one can’t talk about the Bills this week without mentioning cornerback, Vontae Davis, retiring at halftime.
CAROLINA: The NFC South looks like it could be even more competitive than last year. That’s saying a lot for arguably the best division in the NFL. Unfortunately for the Panthers, they limited Julio Jones and still lost. That should be concerning with the depth at receiver enjoyed by all three of the Panther’s division counterparts. While they didn’t look bad by any means, the Panthers will have to be at their best to stay competitive in the NFC South this year.
CHICAGO: This defense is phenomenal. After two weeks they already look like one of the league’s best and that’s all thanks to Khalil Mack who looks to be worth every penny the Bears gave him. The offense on the other hand is concerning. The Bears have the weapons to be a good offense but Mitchell Trubisky doesn’t appear to be nearly as good as the Bear’s hoped he would be and considering Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes were both taken after him, Trubisky might already be on the hot seat.

CINCINNATI: Good news: A.J. Green and Andy Dalton looked more lethal than ever in the Bengal’s defeat of the Ravens. Bad News: Joe Mixon being out for 2-4 weeks will hurt a lot. Mixon was looking his absolute best prior to going down with injury and the Bengals offense won’t be nearly as explosive without him. Hopefully he’ll be fully recovered in time for their first round exit.
CLEVELAND: A FIELD GOAL. ONE FIELD GOAL AND THE BROWNS GET THEIR FIRST WIN IN THE LAST TWO SEASONS. Jokes aside, Browns fans should be happy with their team’s performance overall, especially the defense which did spectacularly against the league’s best offense in the Saints.

DALLAS: Dak Prescott played well enough to get his team a win, but looks more and more like a game manager every week. Bad news for a team that doesn’t have the defense to make up for a lack of offensive weapons
DENVER: Remember, the Broncos defense was considered one of the best in league history just two years ago. Case Keenum still appears to be a very capable starting quarterback and has been fantastic in crunch time. A win over the  struggling Raiders may not seem like much but with above average quarterback play the Broncos are a contender, something people have unfortunately forgotten.
DETROIT: Matt Stafford finally looked like himself against the 49ers. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get the Lions a win. The defense could definitely be something that draws concern as it hasn’t shown ability to stop anyone thus far. With the Bears on the rise the lions are starting to look like the weak link in the loaded NFC North.
GREEN BAY: The packers have no excuse for ending that game in a tie. They were up 20-7 going into the third quarter and when Aaron Rodgers is your starting quarterback, that should be a done deal. Unfortunately for the Packers, the Vikings have arguably the most talented roster in the league and if not for Daniel Carlson whiffing a pair of OT field goals, the Packers would’ve blown a 13 point fourth quarter lead. In the NFC, every game counts and the Packers just look inconsistent right now.
HOUSTON: Deshaun Watson actually didn’t have a bad game, but he has a lot of work to do before he is back to being the second coming of Mike Vick he was regarded as last year. With Will Fuller healthy once again the Texans passing attack looked similar to the way it looked last year prior to Watson’s injury. It’s hard to say what the problem is with the Texans, but they need to figure it out if they want to be the team people thought they would be.
INDIANAPOLIS: The Colts look really good against the Redskins but remain the most irrelevant team in the NFL. In a division where everyone has already crowned the Jaguars the champion, the Colts need many performances like this to put people on notice. Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton have shown to be one of the league’s best passing duos before,m but after a year without Luck everyone seems to have forgotten that. Add in the fact that it seems like no one can name a single player on their defense and its hard to tell what there is to take away from the Colts so far.
JACKSONVILLE: No, Blake Bortles is not elite. The Patriots defense is just really bad. However, it’s important to credit Bortles for his performance. Without Fournette many were wondering how the jaguar’s offense could cope against the patriots and Bortles played some of his best football. Obviously the real talking point here is the Jag’s defense. There isn’t a single weak link in the defensive unit and that could carry them all the way to the super bowl.

KANSAS CITY: If this were the NBA, Patrick Mahomes would have the rookie of the year award on lock down. Unfortunately for him, he’ll have to settle for MVP consideration instead. While it is easy to see this as an over-reaction after just two weeks, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense has looked unstoppable against two of the AFC’s best teams. The defense is concerning, but as the 2016 Falcons showed us a good enough offense can carry a team to the super bowl(Even though the defense still might end up ruining your season).
LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: The Chargers looked great against the Bills. However, at this rate it appears everyone is going to look great against the Bills. Melvin Gordon had one of his best games of his NFL career and the defense looked like what people thought it would even without Joey Bosa. The Chargers are expected to be a playoff team this year and more performances like this should be able to get them there. Hopefully they can avoid the problems of seasons past and stay away from injuries and bad kickers.
LOS ANGELES RAMS: The Rams are the best team in the NFL. The offense is absolutely dominant with the perfect storm of Sean McVay’s play calling, Jared Goff becoming one of the league’s best quarterbacks and Todd Gurley establishing himself as the league’s best rusher. All the work put in by the front office over the off-season to build their defense has paid off as they only allowed the Cardinals five first downs on Sunday. In the weak NFC West, the Rams could already be running away with the division title.
MIAMI:The Dolphins are somehow 2-0. Despite this, no one is taking them even the slightest bit seriously and they probably shouldn’t. They might be leading the AFC East for now, but it’s only a matter of time before Tom Brady and the patriots figure it out and retake that spot. Enjoy it while you can Dolphins fans, because it certainly won’t last long.

MINNESOTA: A tie will be disappointing to some fans but it’s important to keep in mind that the Packers were dominating the Vikings on all fronts before Kirk Cousins lead a fourth quarter comeback. If Daniel Carlson makes just one field goal of his many missed attempts, the Vikings get the win in a game they looked like they were out of. If the Vikings can play every game like they did in the fourth quarter, they’ll be a nightmare for everyone they face.
NEW ENGLAND: The Patriots defense looks like a liability. Around this time last year we were saying the same thing though, and the Patriots still got to the Super Bowl. This year feels different though. Blake Bortles had a huge game against the patriots, which is bad news seeing as the Jaguars are the patriots biggest competition in the AFC. Add in the fact that tensions between brady and Belichick sound like they are worse than ever and it might just be the season the Patriots aren’t the favorites in the AFC.
NEW ORLEANS: The Saints desperately need Mark Ingram back. The offense just looks lost without Ingram to get power runs up the middle in situations that call for them. As great as Alvin Kamara is, he isn’t built for those types of runs and for some reason he only got eight carries against the Browns. The Saints offense is the league’s most talented but right now they just look lost.
NEW YORK GIANTS: The Giants offensive line is terrible. Terrible to a point that defenses are excited to play them. Saquon Barkley and Odell beckham Jr are being wasted because Eli manning has no time to get them the ball through the passing game and there are no holes for Barkley on the ground. If the Giants can’t fix that problem, the season will be over before they know it.
NEW YORK JETS: Sam Darnold was obviously overhyped after his above average weak one performance. While he was able to amass a large number of passing yards but he couldn’t take care of the ball enough for the Jets to get a win. The Jets are obviously still rebuilding, but in a weak AFC with a great defense, I still think they could surprise people. In a season or two.
OAKLAND: The Raiders are terrible. On top of that, they’re extremely unlikeable. The khalil mack trade will haunt them all season and Derek Carr went from being the best young quarterback in the league to being considered one of the worst starters. The Raiders could already be a lost cause.
PHILADELPHIA: Nick Foles offseason hype is looking less and less deserved after the first two weeks. The Eagles allowed the Buccaneers to dominate them. No matter how good the Buccaneers appear to be, the reigning Super Bowl champs shouldn’t be getting beat this bad by anyone. The Eagles need Carson Wentz back now.
PITTSBURGH: The Steelers have a lot of problems. Problems that go far beyond Le’veon Bell not playing for them during his holdout. Antonio brown hasn’t done anything and with rumors of him wanting to hold out now it looks like it could be the end of an era for the Steelers. An era in which the best trio in the NFL never even made it to the Super Bowl. What a waste of talent.

SAN FRANCISCO: A win is a win. Even if the 49ers really looked like they were gonna blow it before the final whistle blew. Penalties saved the 49ers as a Lions punt return touchdown was reversed and a Lions pick six in the final minutes that would have tied the game was also taken back. Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t living up to the hype and until he does, the 49ers will disappoint.
SEATTLE: Dear Seahawks,

please trade Russell Wilson. You don’t deserve his awesome abilities at the quarterback position.


Every NFL fan

P.S. How is your defense so bad all of the sudden?
TAMPA BAY: Fitzmagic is more than a one week wonder. Against one of the NFL’s best defenses Ryan Fitzpatrick played another fantastic football game and the Buccaneers are really benefiting from this elite level of quarterback play. It’s not like the Bucs beat two poor teams either. They beat the Saints and the Eagles, two of the NFL’s best squads. If Ryan Fitzpatrick can manage to keep this up, not only will he retain the starting spot in Tampa Bay, the Bucs might make the playoffs.
TENNESSEE: Marcus Mariota’s injury is bad news for the Titans and until he gets back, they are going to struggle. A team that made the playoffs last year and mostly improved over the offseason should be having success. Instead the Titans are on the Blaine Gabbert train with a one way ticket to the bottom of the division.

WASHINGTON: The Redskins game against the Colts doesn’t show they are bad. Rather they appear to be an extremely inconsistent team that could blow out a playoff team one game and lose to one of the league’s worst the next week.

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